CRASH COURSE: Anime Opening and Ending Themes


so i'm guessing you  guys are wondering what the title means, huh? :)  well, just like what it says, this is sort of a short "lesson" on what you guys can expect, or learn, about one of the best inventions in the world, anime. :3  this is just some random idea that i came across during an hour of class.  and an excuse to update my blog, of course. :p

onward with the true agenda now, what makes an anime complete is always going to be is its opening and ending themes. :)  with the exemption of an anime being on its last few episodes and skipping the theme. :p

Opening Themes

in one case, when an anime is just merely on its first few episodes, the opening has the obligation to introduce the characters and show the audience a little bit of each of their personalities. :)  however, the (real) main thing that an opening theme does is to summarize the current arc of the anime. :3

animes can go for as long as 600+ episodes, Detective Conan anyone?  but that's actually a good thing, believe me.  it means that the anime is loved by all and the creative juices just keep on coming. =))

anyway, besides what was mentioned above, another thing that an opening spiel does is to give viewers an idea as to what they do.  yes, it seems the same with the bit of the audience knowing about their personalities, but in this case though, people will know more about the MAIN character. :D 

like those Shoujo, Cardcaptor Sakura and Sailor Moon.  students by day, but heroes by night. > <

then again, there are those animes that only last for a few episodes.  i think 12 at most?  the goal for the opening theme this time is to just give the audience a taste of what the anime is about. [link]  <3

or this one.  the anime is entitled Another. [link] :)

i guess that will be all for the opening themes. XD

random facts:
favorite opening soundtrack: Ft. by Funkist (Fairy Tail opening theme 3) [link]
favorite opening theme (visuals only): Cardcaptor Sakura opening theme 1 [link]
                         over-all favorite: Fate Zero opening theme 1 [link]

Ending Themes

so now we have the ending spiels. *claps =))  now these themes are a completely different story, literally. @@  when there is an arc, then there will always be that one character that plays an important role within it.  take this Fairy Tail's 11th ending spiel as an example. [link]  throughout the whole thing, we see Lucy, girl with blonde hair in pigtails, being the star of the video.  she's seen being sad, contemplating, wondering. :3

that is what an ending theme is is obliged to do.  which is, to sort of show the current emotional, or personal, state of the (at the moment) main character. :)  another example would be this one, [link] .  it's another Fairy Tail ending theme by the way. :))

another thing that en ending theme does is to just zoom out on stills of the characters of the anime.  you'll get what i mean after watching the link there.

the anime's called Baka to Test Shoukanjuu by the way.  it's its first season's ending theme. [link]  

frequently, the gender that appears more often in the ending theme is a female, despite the fact that it could be a guy whom is playing the lead in the current arc.  but as a qualification, having the girl star in the ending theme means that this girl could have a special relationship with the main character. X3  which makes the ending theme more of a chilly moment for some otakus. XD

the last thing (i guess) that one can know about an anime's ending theme is how it could display what the characters are like in their past lives. :)  this applies to historical animes, or just those kinds that have history in their plot. :))  like Fate Zero's first ending theme. XD  the link will be at the bottom. =))

so with that, i guess the ending themes part is also over. *yey!  now then...

random facts:
favorite opening soundtrack: Biggest Dreamer by Kouji Wada, Digimon Tamers :D
favorite opening theme (visuals only): Naruto Shippuden ending theme 21 [link] SASUSAKU AND NARUHINA FTW!!! >:d<
over-all favorite: Fate Zero ending theme 1 [link], music; [link], video (because copyright took away the video's audio. :( 

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