Tourist Outfit: Fort San Pedro


I went to Cebu way back to become a bride's maid for my cousin. All went well, to say the least. It was fun, to say the least. My cousin is currently living a happy, married life. Though the look on her husband's face was a classic when me and my family went to see them off at the pier. I krei. It was THAT priceless. 

On our last day, we decided to rent a van and just go around Cebu to visit its tourist spots. I was able to head to Magellan's Cross, and Fort San Pedro. We were even able to pass by the construction site of SM Seaside, and the main building of Big foot entertainment. 

This is me trying to direct my dad on how to photograph me.

This is him trying. I will not say anything else.

And no. This is not me giving up on him.

We actually went to a lot more places while in Cebu. I have to mention that I saw a lot, like, A LOT of Korean and Japanese Restaurants around Mactan. Oh, I also have to mention that I went to see the tarp I have to say that I took a photo around where my tarp was. E-mall, to be exact.

Check out the photos in this blog post! :)
This post is long overdue, apparently. Schoolwork is continuously being dumped in front of me, though I can't complain. It seems fun to be able to do stuff. Except I haven't been able to read lately. I might post about my current book haul next. These books will be those that I have lying around, but haven't read yet. 

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