Hello KitTEA


Disclaimer: This is not, in any way, a review. I was not paid,
I was not told to,, or recommended to this establishment.
All this is from pure want and, no, not need. :))
Also, all photos are from this girl.
Located at Nunez St., Fronting St. Joseph Church
It's been a while since I've been able to roam around my surroundings. In this case, me and two friends went to one of the new cafes around the city. That being said, I've noticed that a lot of them have been popping up like daisies around here.

Here we have Hello KitTEA. This is one of the many new establishments that surfaced in the city. Me and my friends decided to go here because we were also feeling slightly depressed over the finale of an anime series that we've been following. Let me be clear, this series is Free! Eternal Summer, and let me just say that we did not get the ending we expected. 

The whole place was a color splash of pink and white. Not that I'm complaining, it looked very loyal to their cafe's theme and ambiance. They have seats and tables that can cater two to four people. Me and my friends, on the other hand, stayed in one of the double decker beds that were stationed around the inner part of the establishment. They have around two of these beds and can house around 5 people max.

Spaghetti, Blueberry Waffle, and Peanut Butter Pancakes

Since we arrived at around 1:30pm, we didn't really have the appetite for lunch. So I ordered peanut butter pancakes and a cookies and cream shake. One friend ordered blueberry waffles and a chocolate shake, while the next friend ordered spaghetti and Sprite. First of all, we all squeed at the site of all things Hello Kitty. The toast, the waffles, the utensils, it was all Kyaaaaa <3  

The food also stuck to their theme. All sweet and yummy. I liked what I ordered a lot. The pancakes were still warm when I dug into it and it had great texture harmony (I made that up!) with the peanut butter. I think the shakes even had ice cream in them. Yum!

These same friends went back there the next day with two more of their peers and tried other food from the menu. One of them mentioned that she had an egg salad sandwich. that's not where it stops, it had chocolate syrup on it. To be honest, I don't think I'd like to try that anytime soon.

I don't exactly know how to end this post, so i'll be using this header thingy.

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