Flush of Thoughts: The thing(s) about being an International, or Filipino, Fan


This blog post is basically going to revolve around the CONs of being an international fan. Well, a fan of Asian groups that is. This is also serving as my current outlet of depression because as I am typing this, there are Kpop bands performing in Manila for the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert and one of those bands happen to be one of my favorites. 

The thing about being a Filipino fan is that we really don't get our fair share of fanservice in the case of our favorite artists. Not only with our Asian favorites, but also with our American or UK based loved ones. I wish that they'd adjust to the country's schedule and just give everyone tickets worth 300 pesos. Nyaha.

1. Translations
              Koreans have it good that they just have to wait for the schedule of shows and watch away. We international fans have to wait for sites like Youtube or Dailymotion to have the latest episodes. Most of the time though, they're in raw Korean. No subtitles. How does that make us understand whatever these men and women are saying? The fastest subbers these days though are that of EXO. Dang those fansubbers are great.

2. Distance
               This is one of the most basic reasons as to why Filipino fans can't get even a kilometer near their favorite artists. When they do have concerts, like in today's case, well, it's hard. The Philippines is made up of 7,107 islands. Unlike other Asian countries, the Philippines isn't exactly connected that well that you can just take an overnight drive to Manila. Things are way different over here. 

3. Money
                 Plane tickets are expensive, concert tickets are expensive. Come to think of it, everything about a concert and fanmeet is expensive. There's the merchandise, the stuff you want to have signed, and there's also the stuff you wan to buy for the celebrity that you like. The list is endless.

4. The bashing
                 Many Korean celebrities have mentioned how they aren't ravaged that much by fans when they're in the Philippines. Then there are those fans who say that we should have given our idols privacy and yadda yadda. Hello people, we know when not to draw the line. Because we want our idols to come back, we remain as calm as possible so as not to make them feel uncomfortable.

Please don't bash me guys, I learned about this from a few SNS. So don't blame me with this, blame those whom I learned it from. Actually, don't blame anyone, our idols have the right to say what they want, whenever they want.

There are basically way more than just these four measly basics. I fail to concoct more because, well, there's a livestream of the concert event right now and I don't think I can tolerate lags. This applies to Con number 2.

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