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No outfit post for this week. The outfit that I wore the other day wasn't exactly scheduled to be shown by then. But alas, the original plan had not worked out so I had no choice. Nyaha.

Anyway, I haven't exactly been able to blog about the usual animated series that I've been following lately. There have been a lot. As in, I literally have at least one show to watch every single day from until that show will cancel. In this post, I'll be going on about what these shows are. Not only to they provide me with a source of entertainment, but they also get me to look forward to something every single day despite the negative outcome that may come about.

Oh, one note. The shows are listed not by ranking or whatever. I just blurted out what came into my mind at a spur of the moment. Nyaha.

1. Dreamworks Dragons: Defenders of Berk (Saturday)

The second season of the previous Riders of Berk installment. I was actually able to appreciate the series more after thinking that it provides a sense of continuity. I'm pretty sure that you've all read that "How to train Your Dragon" will be getting a sequel. The trailers have been released and I have already marked my calendars for June 13, 2014. 

Also, have you seen the Screaming Death dragon? That creature flying behind Hiccup and Toothless in the photo? It's destructively beautiful.

2. Nagi no Asukara (Friday)

Ever wondered what it'd be like to live alongside amphibious beings? Nagi no Asukara is just that. Teens dealing with love and school and overcoming the stereotypes of each other. Slowly, the land and sea people start accepting each other. Confessions over there! Confessions over here! Dang these kids have a better love life. And they don't even exist.

However when you get to the next arc, things take a turn for the better. Story-wise, that is. There's this deep sleep going on around the people of the sea. They sleep as if they die. It's scary when the latest episode left me with too many thoughts to process. There's also a bunch of shipping wars going on. Of course, I'm rooting for my OTP hands down.

3. Nisekoi (Sunday)

Mafia leader's daughter meet Yakuza lord's son. What other type of romance would you possibly want? Well, if you didn't exactly try to rip each other's throats out. It's a funny romantic comedy (?) that got me hooked on the first episode. Much like other animes that I'v come to love watching. People say that the manga is really good. I'll wait until the series is over then read from where it left off. Nyaha.
4. Noragami (Monday)

This is about a neglected Japanese god who is in fact trying to live off of five yen per job. The jobs that he does don't even make sense with what he represents as a God. But when you get to the latest episodes, you'll see just how badass he really is. I mean, he looked really cool with all that blood. I love how regalias come about too. But on the part of the leading female character, hmmmm. Let's just say that she pretends to know everything.

5. Tokyo Ravens (Wednesday)

I've been able to watch my fair share of Onmyoji-centered animes. This one happens to be the most modern one that I've laid my eyes upon. The plot twists, the characters, and well, there are tons of innuendos present in this anime. There's a loli, a tsundere, a bishoujo, an oppai wielder, yep. The main protagonist basically has his own harem and he's not even aware of it. Lucky bastard, I guess.

6. Magi: The Kingdom of Magic (Sunday)

This is the first Arabian-esque anime that I've pretty much come to love. The characters are great, if you can take the exaggerated power that the Fanalis tribe owns. People wielding magical tools that help them in achieving massive wealth and respect also make for a great story in this anime. 

You'd notice that a quiet character is actually a bloodthirsty killer. A bishi who turns out to be a clone from a very powerful magician. And a little boy who has come a long way from relying on his Djinn to a Rukh magnet. Oh, and he loves boobs. A lot.

7. Chuunibyo Demo Koi Ga Shitai! Ren (Thursday)

I love this anime. Love. It. It showed how the Dark Flame master finally got into his 8th Grade Syndrome and Mori Summer finally sheds the light in front of Dekomori. Rikka and Yuuta living together, Kumin getting everyone into the sport of napping. What more of randomness could you possibly want?

8. Golden Time (Friday)

The latest episodes have been waaaaaay too war bringing. Who does Banri want?! Linda? Koko? And why why is Mitsuo going from Chinami to Linda, then Linda to Chinami. Poor guy though, after rejecting Koko, he hasn't been having any luck with women lately. To think that his new blonde do made him look absolutely... never mind. Nyaha.

9. Pupa (Friday)

Cannibalism, child abuse, incest, yep. Basically the most gore-filled anime to hit 2014. I have nothing much to say about this except that I wish this had 23-minute episodes rather than a five-minute short including the opening and ending theme. This was supposed to be released last year and this is what I get for waiting?!

You may notice that I lack one day in that list, Tuesday. Well, there really isn't an anime that updates on that day that has peaked my interest. However, there is one show that I may always watch on that day: RUNNING MAN.

These people make me laugh. Hard. I love this show to death and I hope they come to the Philippines one way or another. PD-nim! Could you do taht for all of us? Jebal~ 

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