Photos taken by my best friend. These are just a few of those random trips we have for being best friends for 11 years. Nyaha. Oh, and I sort of saw it as an opportunity to get really great outfit photos since she's planning on becoming a photographer. Yes, I am a guinea pig.

I haven't exactly been very active lately. Both physically and mentally. To be honest, everything's piling up so fast that I can't keep up anymore and my brain can't take it all in for a while. Sooooooo, what better way for me to de-stress than dress up and jump on a pile of leaves? Nyaha.

Also, if you're wondering what that word on my cap means then it's actually the name of one of the Korean Bands that I've been hooked to for a while. Leessang is composed of Gary (rapper) and Gil (vocalist). They're both pretty prominent in the variety world and are damn funny. I hope they come to the Philippines soon. *fingers crossed

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