Today was perfect


This is something I wrote for my grandfather from my mother's side. He passed away last January 3, 2018. I couldn't be with him at his last moments but I wrote something based on how my mother explained how his last day went. PS. No edits.

The sun kissed my skin in the best way it could, rousing me awake from what felt like the best sleep that I’ve had.

My wife, whom I’ve known for most of my life, cooked breakfast for the family. I made sure to eat as much as I could. The meal was delicious, and full of love.

Three out of four of my children greet me. Five out of nine of my grandchildren prod me to play with them. If only grandpa could stay awake to watch cartoons with you.

I receive a visit from a long time friend. He is happy to know I’m doing well. He tells me what’s been going on with his life.

I listen as the voice of one of my daughters greet me. It makes me happy knowing that she finds the time to talk. I mean, she’s miles away from us, a mother of four, so I’m very thankful.

My family is together. A moment of which is difficult to achieve these days. I thank the heavens that something this perfect happened to the imperfect me.

I may not have experienced a perfect life, but at least today, I can say all went well.

Yes. Today was perfect.

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