It's Okay


“The best things happen before death. 


Because that would be the first step to reaching heaven.”

Before death, a person is probably living a life that they’ve always wanted to live. They could be alone, with family, could have achieved something, the list goes on for forever.

No person can dictate another’s happiness. One can say that friends make him happy, when in fact curling up under the blankets is his refuge. Others can attest that their greatest achievement is being awarded, but later realise that their first-born is the best prize they could ever ask for.

It is before death, I think, that we are truly happy. 

It is before death that everything falls into place. It is before death that everyone comes to you in one piece. And it is before death that you are at peace.

We’ve heard stories that our loved ones are being welcomed at the door by someone thy cherish. That’s another happy thing about death: one gets to see an old face. 

May be literally old, or simply old in a sense that they haven’t met up in a long time.

As family, or as someone who sees a deceased as someone special, we fear the life we’re living after someone important leaves us. Which brings me to another reassuring notion. They don’t really leave us, they become guardians. You don’t have to see your loved ones to know that they’re there.

I could go on and on about this and still miss out on other points.  

Don’t be afraid death. Don’t be afraid to say that you want to die. Just don’t wish it upon others. Wishing death upon others and wanting to die are two different things.

However, do be afraid of death when you know you could do so much more while you’re still alive. Death is inevitable, but so are the things that one can achieve. So why die when you still have so many things to live for?

Why bother dying when you know it’s going to happen? Just keep doing everything you want to do before then.

Note: I have a friend who thinks that the whole concept of death is beautiful. But we both share the same sentiments when it comes to suicide. That being, we think that it shouldn’t be something taken lightly. 

I think this was also brought abotu by my mourning state over SHINee’s Kim Jonghyun. I’ve been a fan of SHINee since 2009 and knowing that they’ll be standing as 4 members instead of 5 from now on really takes its toll on you.

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