Batangas Birthday



The only photo of myself of that time
For my 22nd birthday this year, which was on June 22, I decided to suck up to a close friend and go with his family to Batangas because:

1. I was dying to get out and satisfy my itching feet, and

So basically, I went out to give myself what I've wanted ever since I spent five months in the Metro, go to a beach.

Unlike in Zamboanga City, the nereast beach is roughly 45 minutes away, depending where you live. In the Metro's case, it takes at least one or two hours to set foot on sand. I can't count how many times I've rambled on and on about going to a beach to my sister, my friends, myself, everyone. 

Unfortunately for the one reading this, I am never the type of person to take photos and videos throughout a trip. I prefer to just have enough of those as evidence of something that has happened. A line in Paulo Coelho's Adultery supports my sentiment.

"Do you think all this beauty and grandeur can fit in a little square of film? Record things in your heart. It's more important than trying to show people what you're experiencing."

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