My Take + Shaffra Cancer, Inc. Dinner for a Cause


I've been having too many opportunities to post outfit shots these days considering: 
a.) I've been going to different graduation parties last march, because well, I already graduated and am officially have been unemployed for almost three months now, also
b.) People are celebrating their birthdays

I feel that I should apologize to everyone for not having the energy to pick up the camera and tripod and just shoot away. Alas, my laziness is of top hierarchy these days.

This is the outfit that I wore to a charity event for breast cancer. I actually had a few of my cover group friends performing that time and volunteered to be their Personal Assistant that time. However, being there myself, I felt rather good to have witnessed the event in itself.

The program was a mix of performances ranging from live singing to dance ensembles. I feel bad for leaving and not witnessing the Dance Sports performances of the kids and teenagers that time. But I think I did a part on the charity event when I bought hair clips that would go straight to the charity to help children in the fight against cancer.

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