Flush of Thoughts: Beyond 2016


March 23, 2015. Loyalty awardees.
Hi all! It's been exactly seven months since my last post. And that was in June 2015, could you believe that? I haven't been active since I chose to focus on mapping out my life for the time-being. At the moment, I'm working as a Junior Copywriter at an advertising agency here in Makati City. I go home at around 8 or 9pm every weeknight and I'm okay with it.

Things hadn't gone so well in the beginning though. I feel the need to elaborate all that's happened, but those are all in the past. I'd rather look ahead and not turn back on the negative opportunities that happened in the months of July 2015- December 2015.

It's 2016, February 2016. So I decided to lay out the plans that I have with my being a force of existence. These are in no particular order.

1. Be a developed Copywriter
     - Not the best, just one who knows her shit.

I'm in a situation wherein a lot of what I pitch is being rejected, and well, I don't think I'm doing that great of a job at what I'm doing right now. Period. I feel like know that even my superior is tired of spoon-feeding me. (Sorry, Bea! ;-;)

On my first week into this job, I already started questioning myself: "Had I signed up for the right thing?"  I had those nights where my heart just sank after every rejection.

My answer though: "Hell yes". I've never been this driven to show what I can do, or be a part of such a diverse set of thinkers. I never want to experience not thinking ever again.

2. Get myself a Macbook Air (13 inches) as a Xmas present to myself
     - I know, I know: "WTF, girl? What are you thinking? You can't get that by then"

On the contrary, saving at least 5, 000 pesos worth of my salary every month will indeed get me Aigis. That is the name of my future Macbook Air, Aigis.

3. Get a smartphone/iPhone
    - Because everyone now has it and here they are telling me off that my keypad phone is obsolete. Not that I'm pressured, but I now see the significance of these phones. That doesn't mean I'm letting go of my keypad phone though.

I just feel like me and my classmate
look damn good in this photo
Sister: "Why sponsor a student there?"
Me: "Well... why not?"

I've decided on this ever since I graduated. I've been in that school for most of my current life span, 16 years to be exact, and having my own scholar feels right. It even sounds great when I say it out loud. Hahahahaha.

I know a lot of students struggle with their studies, that being said, I don't just want to sponsor a student, I also want to inspire him/her.

K-12 had just been applied into the University. That means there won't be any freshmen for at least two years, if I'm doing my math right. I have around two- three years until then, better start saving.

Criteria? Well, this person doesn't have to maintain above average grades, or stay on top of the class. I got through college loving what I was doing; this future scholar should, hopefully, go through it in the same way.

5. Travel
   - It doesn't have to be out of the country. Maybe in a little corner around the district? Or a trip to Baguio just to savor Strawberry taho.

   - You must be thinking that I have it bad for this school, your argument is invalid.

This is in a completely different context. Last year, at one of my job interviews with another advertising firm, I was asked: "Do you even know what the different jobs are in this industry?" That caught me off-guard, of course I answered no.

Then it hit me, I wanted to make sure that future communicators, advertisers, know what they're going to be dealing with.

On a side note, I could also teach part time if my future position/title allows me to do so. More time to wait on this as well. Just another three years, I might even get to meet my scholar by then. Hahahahaha

7. Exploit my Hobbies
   - Right now I'm in the middle of gaming, playing card games, board games, and getting into the K-pop Dance Cover scene again. It helps knowing that I have people to enjoy these hobbies with.

Getting into the K-pop scene over here in the Metro makes me rather uncomfortable though, for lack of a better term. It won't be as easy to dance with a new group, in front of a new audience. But C'est la Vie, let's see how this all goes. All in good time, and all at the right time.

    - It's hard to volunteer in the Metro since I don't know as much organizations over here. Let alone people. I haven't taken steps into this yet, but I know I'll get there.

Those, so far, are the most absolute decisions I've made. Committing to all of them will be a challenge, but you don't really see much of a challenge in something you plan on working hard for.

I'll try to update this blog as much as I can. I hope to at least post twice of thrice a month, but we'll see where this actually takes us.

Caps and togas

"You can have everything you want, just not all at the same time."  - Anonymous

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