Mother's Cotton Dress


A lot of events this month and their pretty much going through a close while year ends as well. There was a wedding, a cosplay photo shoot, and Christmas party in a few days. I went to one of my cousins' wedding yesterday and it was a blast. Mostly because of the really great snacks that I munched on from the dessert table. No regrets! But maybe just a heavy stomach. Fruit tarts = HEAVEN.

Unfortunately I didn't have that many photos of myself since my dad was part of the principal sponsors. We all made it extra clear to take a bunch of photos of him in his suit and tie. He's been complaining all his life about how he never got his own suit, that he always received hand-me-downs from different people of the family. Well, father dearest, that story finally comes to an end with what you finally have or your own, A SUIT.

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