DIY Beanie from Sweater


Happy New Year Everyone!

The year isn't exactly ending that well for me. I hope it's just a sign that my 2014 will be something full of achievements with the hints of mishaps. This DIY is actually the result of a very bad female dog whom defiled one of my favorite sweaters. 

You will be missed.
Moving on, I went online to see if anyone had somewhat the same dilemma and it turned out that sweaters can actually serve a multitude of upcycled ways. One was a beanie. Of course, the tutorials online all were about the thifted knitted sweaters, this one was made of cotton, mind you. So it's definitely something that I might start wearing on regular days wherein I wanna start feeling like a dwarf. A tall dwarf. Nyaha.

Sweater (Thrifted or worn out)
Marker (Pen, Crayon, or whatever)
Pins (optional)
Needle and Thread
or Fabric glue

STEP 1 & 2:
            MEASURE. No, you won't be needing all those rulers and tape measures. Just wrap the bottom hem around your head, mark, then see how long you'd like the beanie to be. The best part about this is its custom-made appeal.

CUT. The most crucial part is actually the cutting. Since cotton is rather movable when being handled, I pinned down the fabric to make my life easier. 

              MORE CUTTING. After cutting the portion of your beanie, fold it in half, lengthwise, and cut out some butt-shaped silhouette.

It should end up like this.
           SEWING. Sew on all sides of the beanie. But when you get to the top with the butt-shape, Sew around half way at the first part, then sew again around the next flap, and so on. Until you end up with this:

I always work on my hand sewn goodies in my parents' room. It's got good lighting for me during the afternoon and pretty big floor space. I just always have to remember to clean up after all of my projects. Thanks for reading!

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