Hello, Goodbye


TADAIMA! So I come back to Zamboanga city after spending eight days in Cebu. It's been a long time since my last post. I didn't exactly feel the need to blog about anything considering the crisis that had occured for almost a month.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get the usual six-photo quota that I set myself up with when doing outfit shoots. This is actually what I wore to mass, which in turn left me to speed up my usual process. Photos by my big sis, by the way.

We (me, my mom, two sisters and baby brother), went to Cebu to get away from the madness that was left behind by the siege, surprise surprise. We were greeted with news of an earthquake on the day before our flight. C'est la vie~

Oh! The next post will be about my Cebu haul. Watch out for it.

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