Cebu 2013 Haul


Now what better way is there to spend a vacation? SHOPPING! TO be honest, I only had around 1500 pesos with me, and maybe an extra 2500 from a friend because he wanted me to buy something for him. First thing I asked my ama and ingkong was if there were any good Ukay-ukays (Thrift stores) that I could shop in while I was there. I felt dumb thinking that I even had to ask. I mean, probably all places in the Philippines has at least one of these gold mines in them.

Note: Photos were taken during night time, so shadows may conceal the original coloring of the clothing.

Ever heard of an infinity scarf? Well, you can pretty much see where it got its name. Got this thing for ten pesos, SCORE! It actually got mixed up with the laundry of my mom's sister and I haven't heard from it until she mentioned it on the morning of our flight back to Zamboanga. This scarf must be my destined accessory or something. Nyahaha.

MINT SWEATER! I wonder who would want to throw away this statement piece. I absolutely am a sucker for mint and I think that I will feel instantly happy when I finally wear this baby. I mean, come on, it's mint.

I keep telling myself that I need to have lighter colors in my wardrobe for versatility. This treasure is actually a sky blue color. I tried it on and it gave off that loose, boyfriend shirt feel. Definitely will be styling this with some tomboyish flare.

I'll be honest, I shall turn this top into a coat/cardigan. Gonna cut the front in half, sew the seams, add buttons and holes. Voila! Instant cover-up for 30 pesos! Those little color dots, by the way, are textured. I like feeling how fluffy they are. It gives me a good happy boost.

Also gonna be turning this into a cardigan. Yep, I'm slowly getting into them cardigans like how I wanted it to be in the first place. Nyaha.

Now this time, it's a real cardigan. This one, again, is rather loose on me. Then again, it made me go all bohemian looking with the loose look and junk. I am definitely going to wear this with my combat boots soon.

Mustard. One of the many colors that I have always wanted in my closet, and now I have one. I feel blessed just thinking about all the outfits I'm going to be trying to pull off with this top. Loose, again, but fits me around the chest part pretty well.

Such a hipster print and a hipster top. The sleeves are actually really short on me but the whole body of the sweater actually looks good despite its hanging state.

My most expensive piece:

I girl can't help it when she falls in love with something, she really has got to have it. That is exactly how I felt when I saw this baby at he display of Forever21. I wore it the minute i stepped out of the store and wore it again during my last day in Cebu. As a matter of fact, this bonnet had been in my mind for three days staright since I saw it.

The Hand-me-downs

One of my aunts over at Cebu is pretty wide (don't worry, she's aware). She has trouble finding clothes that fit her physique, and when that happens, she gives them away. That's how I ended up with this top. I was pretty unsure at first hen she handed it to me, but after trying it on, it looked pretty decent on me.

My ama gave me this skirt. When worn, it gives off that mermaid effect at the bottom. And who would've thought? The brand of the skirt is ESprit! Lucky me!

And to humor you all...

Yes, I have a new bra. Funny story behind this. My sister, I'm not telling which one, bought this for herself. Well, not technically. She actually ordered one of a different style, one with flowers and junk, but got this by mistake. Soooo, what my mom thought of was to give me the bra, 'cause she says that I lack in the undergarment department. My ama then decided to still buy the one that my sister wanted and just send it through the mail.

"Soo, I got a new bra. A black one, for that matter."

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