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I share my closet with my two sisters. Though one may think that it looks like an endless supply of ensembles, it really isn't Considering the body type that mine has taken a liking to, I can barely fit into most of their clothes. They can share with each other, but not with me. Frankly, I'm fine with that arrangement. I don't have to worry about fighting over a piece of clothing when the time may call for it. But I do let them borrow my clothes, occasionally, when I'm in a good mood, or when the event calls for it, most of the time never, actually.

But enough about my sibling issues. This post will mainly be about the pieces that I: a.) lack in my wardrobe, or b.) want to increase in the near future. Though I'm only able to doll up during weekends and special happenings, I feel that I really do need to maximize my choices despite the very short time I have to dress up. Oh, by the way, this list is an ongoing thing. I simply can't remember all that my mind had conjured up in the past. Anyway, let me begin now with:

Pieces that I wish to have, or have more of, in my closet. 

Note: I found the photos in either Polyvore or the respective web sites of the items in this blog.

Muscle Shirts: They just seem so breezy and wearable. Especially with the intense weather conditions that's been happening lately. I really am in need of something that I can wear and not feel that warm in. Plus, I love how masculine it looks. I've been told by a few people that I have androgynous features, and I tend to use these to their full potential.

FROM L to R: Isabel Marant Senna Muscle Tee
Cat Lover,
Pepperoni Pizza, and
Batman Muscle Tee from FORVER21
I actually plan on just cutting the sleeves off from the shirts that I'll be buying in the thrift store soon. I'll be sure to find some with really loud fabric and/or prints..

Sheer: Sheers are very wearable in any occasion. You can style them to be very casual, or even to a formal state. he best part, for me, would have to be that they're extremely airy and light-weight. They can either be textured sheer or even plain old see through sheer. And though you may still have to wear an undershirt with this piece, it really will just still be a very breezy outfit in the end.

FROM L to R: Aeropostale Sheer Long Sleeve lace top
T by Alexander Wang
Floral Lace Scoop Neck Sheer Blouse Top
Valentino Hot Pink Sheer Dress
When buying something like this, I'll have to avoid the ukay-ukay. Since these types of tops have thin fabrics, they may damage easily. After purchasing something like this in a thrift store, be a bit prepared of the damage that is about to come your way.

Prints: My closet would be really dull if it didn't have pictures of anything but the ordinary. I hope to fill up my closet with a bunch of caricatures and unusual things. Maybe deformed animals and zombie flesh? A bunch of conventional and unconventional prints and abstracts here, maybe a galaxy top over there. Of course, Superhero and Movie emblems are already a given to the whole trend.

FROM L to R: Star Wars Galaxy Shirt from Teesforall.com 
Kaliko Grace Print Blouse from Johnlewis.com
Dorothy Perkins Motif Tee from Dorothyperkins.com
Heath Ledger Joker Top from Etsy.com

Sweaters/Jumpers: Shocking, I know. These days have been pretty hot and cold enough for us to say that the weather indeed has gone unpredictable. But wearing these clothes isn't all that bad. They are actually very adorable and can be paired up with anything. Skinny Jeans, sneakers, shorts, leggings, anything.

FROM L to R:  Popcorn Sweater from Shelfies.com
Beige Rose Distressed Sweater,
Mint Pullover Sweater, and
Green Cross Pattern Jumper Sweater from Sheinside.com
I am prepared to withstand the heat that will entail from me wearing these things, I really am.

Outerwear: Cardigans and jackets are close to zero in my closet. I only have one and it belongs to my mother. So on top of my new shopping list will definitely be theses babies. I'd like to try my luck on bat-wing ones and kimonos if I can. A few over-sized ones will also help me out.

FROM L to R: Bohemian Waterfall Cardigan from Ustrendy.com
Oversized Cape Cardigan with Tassels from Amazon.com 
Tie-dye Kimono from Riverisland.com
Silk cashmere Cardigan from Stylebop.com

Skirts: I love the idea of wearing skirts. Though I won't be able to spread my legs as much as I want to, it actually is good to feel more feminine every once in a while. Of course, skater skirts are very much IN these days, but I also prefer to go for full skirts as well. Not the white lacy types of course, the ones that are around two inches below the knee and come in adorable colors and prints.

FROM L to R: Leather Skater skirt from Boohoo.com
Parisian Cream Flower Skater Skirt from Newlook.com
Michael Kors Full Skirt from Stylebop.com
YMC Bone Print Full Skirt My-wardrobe.com
Perhaps I'll be able to sew myself up a skirt or two in the future. The possibilities are endless.

Bold Pants/Leggings: I make it a point to have countless types of one piece. I have navy blue jeans, a gray pair, khakis (one light, one dark), boyfriend jeans, and a few others. I want my closet to be as versatile as possible. A girl can't be seen in the same outfit, right?

FROM L to R: Mickey Mouse Print Joggers from Riverisland.com
Mary Katrantzou Printed Leggings in Pink from Stylebop.com
Cosmic Leggings from Ruum.com
Isabel Marant Jalyne Printed Jeans from Matchesfashion.com
I'd be happy to have any of these pieces because I won't have any problems mix and matching them with anything. Considering how loud they are, all I need to do is wear a plain or white top and I'm done. 

Jumpsuits/Rompers/Overalls: These pieces will be very useful fro those lazy dress up days. We just choose his from our closet and slip it on. Wear it with flats, sandals, sneakers, or a good pair of wedges. Wear a white shirt underneath if you feel that it's a bit revealing. Simple.

FROM L to R: Bardot Overall from Myer.com.au
Overall Fiori di Positano from Monnalisadreams.com
Vero Moda Jumpsuit from Veromoda.com
Helmut Lang Flannel Romper from Lagarconne.com
They're just so easy to wear. Definitely my kind on clothes

Dresses: My grandmother usually gets invited to a lot of events. They're usually weddings or birthday parties. Of course, she will then ask for any of us if we're able to go and accompany her to the event, because she isn't as active as she used to be.
FROM L to R: Forever New Evilen Panelled Bodice Maxi Dress from Forevernew.com.au
Vero Moda Clara Chiffon Dress from Veromoda.com
Cut-out Sun Dress by Love from Topshop
Red and White Floral Bandeau Belted Dress from Newlook.com
I'd like to go from elegant to girly, then daring to conservative every once in a while. It's a great bonus that I may get to have my elder sister to pay up as well that way we'll be wearing the dress in turns.

Though I know that I should be more open to other footwear, I just can't not say something about the upcoming piece that I;m about to expound on...

Boots: I love boots, period. My love for them started when I saw a few bloggers' photos, and escalated when I bought my first pair in a thrift store. They are just so awesome in a way that you can't help but admire them. These babies can turn any outfit into a more down-to-earth and tomboyish feel. They range from ankle length to thigh-high, and can go from plain colors to bold prints. 

Thick Heel Lace-up Martin and
Retro Floral Martin Boots from Persunmall.com
Unfortunately for me, I have big feet. So usually, when I tend to have my eye on a certain piece of footwear, it's either that I can't afford it, or that it doesn't come in my size. Sad, I know.

To be honest, there are a lot more things that I wish to have in my closet. These are just the ones that cam e on top of the list for me. Of course, there is the idea of spending too much on something that you won't be able to wear all the time. You have anything you want to add or increase in your closet? Feel free to comment to relay your thoughts! 

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  1. Those sweaters are my fave kaso I don't think kasi If I can use it more often here in our place db? and ung skirt gusto ko since I love skirts! :D

  2. Tama, pero I hope na meron din yung manipis lang ang cloth. :3 SKIRTS = <3

  3. Hey cool tops! I have been on the lookout for floral sneakers too but don't know where to find them...

    1. Zamboanga doesn't always provide us with all the apparel we want/need. @@