Frustrated Dresser


Don't get me wrong, I was happy to have an excuse to dress during the day. Throw in a hat that I haven't used in a while and a pair of specs that I bought for less than 200 pesos and you got this little obstruction. Unfortunately going into the day did prove to be one of the best and most tiring one that I've had. Well, artistically that is. 

Today was actually the day wherein we had a photo shoot for the cast of "Sa Kaharian ng Araw". Being a part of the crew in the final production in high school, I just couldn't pass up the chance of contributing by being a part of the staff, again.

I might start shooting around the patio in my house every now and then from now on. I didn't think that it would make for a good background until I went through with this shoot.

I guess I'll share why I named this look "Frustrated Dresser". Well to be honest, I originally thought about naming it "Frustrated Artist" instead. For the whole photo shoot, me and a friend had to paint four faces. The first three had us go for a certain tribal pattern, while we painted the last one's face in a really feminine version of a fictional creature.

It's an understatement to say that we were proud of what we did. I can't post photos, nor do I have any, of us with our human canvasses because that would ruin the surprise for all of those who wish to watch it. Then again, I'll be doing so right after all three screenings are done. 

I can't wait to paint their faces again! XD

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  1. I love your outfit's contrast with the background, Berna! It makes the vintagey effect stand out more. And your hat looks gorgeous with your hair! Everything about this look is so classy. Great job! x