Long Time No Blog :)


it's been quite a while now hasn't it?  don't worry, i have my reasons. :))

so it's only been the second week of the semester and i am already feeling the pressure. @@  apart from the 29 units and 10 subjects, there's also the thought of the upcoming events that will be occurring in school soon.  more work for the department. @@

so now, i'll be sure to try to update this blog as much as i can. :)  i still have that part 2 post on that Rappler event, so that's something to make a reminder of. :P  anyway, have a nice day everyone! :D

oh, and i'll be doing some more posts regarding anime, kpop, fashion, and all the random things that i can come up. :pp  i hope that you guys will look forward to that. :>

PS, i can't believe that this blog's had around 2207 views with only 27 blog posts. XD  i iz a happy berna. :3

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