^i betcha that got your attention. :))  it's gone viral overnight. =))

so tonight marks the second sunday of the second semester and guess what?  work, work, and more work.  

i'm not blaming anything, if that's what you were thinking, i had to see it coming by enrolling in this department.  and to be frank, it's quite fun~ :3

so what have i been doing this past week... mainly going through the school cycle and whatnot.  what else could one expect? :))

oh, it's only two weeks left 'til ADZU Fiesta 2012 beybeee! XD  then again, we cant really appreciate the event that much because our department was given the task to hype the students about the upcoming events, write articles, take pictures, man the school radio, make and so. 

moving on... i started doing digital art again. :))  and heck, my hand is feeling quite numb. @@  plus i've gone down a few levels. ;-; 

i did fanart of Asada Shino of Sword Art Online. :))  to the fans, sorry if i didn't make her as awesome as she is in the Visual Novel. someone requested me to do this and i just couldn't say no. XD

all i can show are the sketch, line art, and colored versions 'cause i didn't anticipate that i wanted to blog about it. :))  and as you can see, i am in need of a LOT of practice.  i hope to get a lot of faves for this one on my Deviantart. XD

here they are. :3  and so is the end of this post. XD

sorry for the stiff neck. :))

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  1. I watch SAO but I don't think I've encountered this character yet. (or maybe I missed her) Did you color this yourself? Nice!

    1. she didn't come out in the anime yet, just the visual novel. :p and yes, i made this myself, THANKS! :D