Greener Platters


NB. This is not a paid or sponsored post. I just like the place, okay?

Okay. So that wasn't the best title. But you have to admit, it got you wondering as to why I did it that way.

So last week, I craved for a bowl of something healthier than my usual fiber-rich crackers. It was then I remembered a place that my two friends and I went to and loved.

Berde Bowls is a new, healthier option to the usual Filipino plate. It brings together local favorites and the ever sought-after healthier platter.

I was Manoked-Out by this for sure.
Their interior is reminiscent of Salad Stop. Not only that, their menu is just punny. MongGo Green, Baboy Oh Boy, and Manok-Out are just a few of their menu choices. And if you're brave enough, you can customize your own plate!

They actually make your order in front of you.

Eating is probably the best and trickiest part. There's just so much going on in the plate that you wonder how to get a taste of each component. To address this, I did that thing that you do with Korean Bibimbap. I basically did my best to mix everything together. 

It's great to just have an alternative to my meals. If you're planning to try this place out, then head over to Ayala Triangle. Based on my research, this is the only branch they have at the moment.

Pictures captured with my Samsung J7 Prime.

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