Apologies, that title makes no sense. Sorry for not being able to post anything yesterday. I was in an interview, which brings to mind something that makes me happy. That being opportunities.

Ever since the second week of January 2018, I've been going out of my way to try and find a place that would take me in. This is in preparation of my pending long-term absence. I remember going through countless postings and sending my credentials to up to 15 different emails every week. Sadly, despite all those emails, only a handful went out to their way to reply.

I've met with around nine people since then. Not all of them were successful, should I call them all that in the first place.

I was rejected twice, rejected one offer, and have since been waiting for any news on the others that I've sat down with. It's not easy since I've been trying to contact them but still remain unnoticed.

But here's the thing, if there's one thing that I liked about all that, it's that I loved how they took the time to just know who I am.

I try to bring out my best in all of those situations. I make sense of their questions and answer them to the best of my ability. As much as they made time for me, I need to make sure that that isn't wasted on some half-assed conversation.

So yeah, I like opportunities because they let me know that there are those that take notice of me. I lack quite a number of things in this field of work, so they're time is much appreciated.

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