I've been busy


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I never forget most of my life's pivotal moments. From what I was feeling and doing, to the date and people that I spent it with. So when the Universe, or The Lord, or any high power brought me to 8th of January 2018, let me just tell you, it threw me off big time.
I won't be sharing what happened since it could mean bad things for both me and the other party. But if you read through all that I've written, you might get a general idea of what went on.

Instead, I'll be doing what I haven't had the balls to do ever since it happened: write about how I feel.

Here's the thing, I set out for the big city because I knew I wanted to take part in the opportunities that it has. And I did. In two years, almost three, I've been setting out to become the best type of person I knew I could be. I am driven, I've got this roaring passion, I may not have the skills, but I knew I could learn them, improve them, and make them my own arsenal. 

Sadly, circumstances are rough. I guess you can tell what I'm talking about right now.

I feel so frustrated. I know people go through slumps. I know people can get back up and be twice or thrice or even ten times stronger. But you know what? Sometimes, you can't help but curl yourself up, listen to any mellow playlist, and just want to forget everything. Not in a depressed way, more like a "Let me feel this way for now"sort of moment. If that makes any sense.

I have no idea where this blog post is going, if I'm being completely honest. I guess that's just how I really feel. Lost. Confused. Devastated, maybe.

But, like I say to all those who are silently rooting for me, "All will be well." If not today, then maybe tomorrow. If not this week, then maybe the next. 

PS: I might be posting regularly for a while. This will serve as my de-stressor and I may need to polish up on my writing. 

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