There's Irony in Flying


You wake up alert and start to think of what the day has to offer. at the same time, you hold your life, as well as others', at the palm of your hands. The high altitude is exhilarating, but can cause you health concerns.

To those below you, you are the fastest. But you yourself need instinct and paraphernalia to know how fast you're going.

You know flying is fun as much as it is dangerous. You know flying is risky, as much as it is worth it.

Clouds, sun, sky, and sea. With the occasional land masses, these are the only things you see while you're up there.

Call it heaven, call it sanctuary... call it home.

After every journey, you are exhausted. After every journey, you can't wait for the next one.

Photo: derekprospero

This is something I wrote on a plane ride back to my province. 

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