Your own Pursuit


Days are numbered, hours pass, minutes are counted. We can all admit to rushing into a scene, whether it involves crossing the street, impulse buying, or picking a fight. But when it comes to being ourselves, being someone we can be proud to show off, rushing is probably the best and worst thing we can possibly do.

Rushing entails both good and bad aspects of an individual's personality. 

There's the good: 
a) They have a definite plan
b) They know what they want
c) They're path is cleared out for them

And the not-so-good:
a) They're impatient
b) They just wing it
c) It becomes tiresome

So these are rather one-sided, since well, I'm not exactly a guidance counselor, nor do I have the right to tell people how this all works. But either way, rushing into things, if handled well or not, will most likely leave a person stranded when met with a standstill.

I applied for too many to count companies before landing a stable job more than one year later from my first day in Metro Manila. I had plans, and they were rather full-proof plans if I do say so myself.

But I met a standstill. I felt lost, and my chest felt heavy every night. I was a deer in front of headlights, but the car never came to take me to the next world.

Months later, I was lucky enough to be taken in by my current employer.

Plans are probably only 0.01% of what you want to do. The others are from external factors; from your parents letting you venture independently, employers looking at your resume, you thinking about your next meal. Basic, but important.

Going on your own pursuit takes time, effort, perseverance, and faith. 

Time. Because getting what you want can probably take days, months, probably even years. Time can either be your best asset, or your worst enemy. Probably even both.

Effort. Give it your all. In studying, passing outputs, or even making yourself get noticed. But remember, stay humble. People will tell you you're great, but never be the one to tell them that you're great. Your achievements are better left recognized by those around you. This prevents the air from getting into your head.

Perseverance. There will be a lot of standstills. They can be good or bad, you may love or hate them. These standstills will test you on whether to move forward, or walk away. My advice based from experience? Never walk away.

Faith. Pray. A lot. At least when you pray, you know that someone is out there listening to you. When I pray, I usually don't say or think of anything. I leave my heart open, as cheesy as that may sound. I also have this weird habit of looking at religious statues or monuments and pretending that they turn their faces to look at me. Creepy, but it's actually reassuring on my part. Knowing that these beings are here for me lightens my spirit.

There are countless of things I still want to say, but I can't seem to get them all out. I'm only 22 and already, I feel like I lived too many lives. 

Take time to find your own pursuit, and well, just take time. Even rushing takes time, so why bother rushing?

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