Copywriting Life 101


"Copy is a direct conversation wit a consumer."
- Shirley Polykoff

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Hi all! I decided to spend some time with this blog despite the high demand for outputs that the company I'm in are receiving. I've been under the weather lately, so I decided to blog about how it really is like to be a Junior Copywriter in Metro Manila.

1. There's more than just TV, Print, Radio, Online advertising
Advertising is way more than what we all see and hear in traditional and evolving trends, it also involves internal advertising.

I work in an agency that creates outputs for medical companies, medicine, milk supplements, you name it. If you're familiar with the term "medrep" (or medical representative), then you can imagine what I have to work with almost everyday. I think they call it internal advertising? Or is that just a term that I failed to research on.

These medreps are in-charge of selling their company's products to doctors. They bring in slide shows, sample products, and little trinkets that are called engagers to make their visit more memorable.

2. You have to constantly tell yourself that you can do this
I've had more downs than ups in my almost 4-month stay in this company. Having to be a member of a three- man woman team holds a lot of responsibility. Especially since the projects pop out of nowhere.

3. You have to be flexible
You can go from making installation advertisements, to taglines, to advertorials, and etc. And yes, I can say that I may have already tried to do most of these in my growing stay in this company.

4. Less More is More
I cannot stress how much my ideas have constantly been burned by my superiors. This is why it's good to keep coming up with more than just what your boss asks you to make. If boss says 5, make it 10. Coming up with one that everyone will like will take a lot of that.

5. Internal Deadlines
Client's can be very demanding. They can go from wanting or liking this one idea, and quickly shift to another perspective, meaning that you have to think of another one. But that's all business. Clients do this for their product, not for themselves. It's the job of the agency to bring in those product sales. But the agency has other clients as well, meaning we have to make time for all of them. It's a matter of following the agency's strategies.

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