Flush of Thoughts: Notes to my Future Man (Yes, I said Man)


These days, when I browse around the internet and see the usual photo or write-up in sites like Facebook or other viral-making website, all I get to see are people going on and on about what they want in their relationship, or what they want in their future relationship.

Not being in a relationship myself, and not in a rush for that matter, I decided that it's only natural that I come up with my own list having already read and looked at quite a number of related content. So here's a list of things that I hope my future Man can tolerate with when he wants to get serious.

1. I need a Man. Not a child, not a teenager, a Man. I need someone in my life whom I can rely on me as much as he can rely on himself. I never get jealous, I don't even get why getting jealous should be a way of showing you care. It just seems stupid for me.

2. Tolerate my being me. I'm a girl, I like dressing up for the simplest occasions and I take every opportunity to put on a great smile on my face. However, I am also a human being. My body demands for me to do things that require more than just lady-like appeal. Please be reminded that I also need to pick my nose, I also need to fart, I also need to burp. I also like to not sit in a lady-like manner at home. I like to prop my leg on the chair when in front of the computer or laptop, and I like to lie down in the most awkward position to find a comfortable setup to sleep.

3. I rage. I'd like to warn you of my rage-ing when playing the simplest games. I like playing games like Luxor, I have a history with DoTA 2, and pretty soon I hope to have my own 3DS. I play shooting games pretty well, a close friend can vouch for this, and I like playing arcade games a lot. And yeah, I rage.

4. I fangirl. I can go from ranting about how much a Korean Pop Band member ruins my life in a good way, to screaming to the heavens about how much Gilgamesh from the Fate Series is my original husbando. Future Man, you will not only get a dose of this everyday, but you will also be challenged on your confidence in me and yourself.

5. Books and Apparel are on par in my list of necessities. Do not be surprised to see me take home something I found in a thrift shop, or National Bookstore packaging in my careful hands.

6. I will not always listen. I am a loose cannon. I tend to make witty retorts on what you do and say. I warn you not to trigger that in me.

I was actually planning to put in more but then I thought: Where's the fun of getting into a relationship when I lay down everything that I want him to learn throughout the stages? That being said, I know that if my friends see this that they can attest to all these and more.

Last note to my future Man, I can compromise. Of course the relationship won't be all about me, it's interpersonal, meaning that the both of us have to make it work.

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