It's been around... three months? Well, I have a perfectly good explanation this time. I blame schoolwork, and well, priorities and all that. This post is dedicated to the outfit that I wore to this year's Comm Gathering. The theme revolved around our childhood, so I did my best to actually dress up in a way that I use to when I was like, what, three-years-old?

A little thought  trinket for all of you, my best friend took these photos. She's really into photography now and is pretty much seen with a camera when the time calls for it. Check out her Deviantart account here!

Top: Sister's closet; Shorts: Harbored from best friend; Shoes: Mine
Puberty gone right. ;)
She takes my best candid photos somehow. :)
I should probably mention that I also went to the after-party at a bar that my friend's brother owns. I should also mention that it was the FIRST TIME that I actually went to an after party after three years of going through these shindigs. Luckily for me, I didn't get tipsy or whatsoever. 

It was pretty easy getting this outfit done. Although I did have to have my shoes sewn up to keep them from opening up during the event. Sadly, I don't have any photos from the event mainly because I didn't bother adding any extra weight with my already heavy luggage that time.

I can't seem to access the Post function on Lookbook these days. Some of my comments aren't even being loaded n the profiles of some accounts. I'm still trying to fix it either way though.

I won't promise anything for now as everything's still at a bumpy road. Either way, I'll post as much as I can. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Interesting theme for a Party... you do look candid and child-like!

    1. 'Twas a fun event altogether that time. :) Thank you! :D