Things to Look Forward To


Long time no blog. I haven't exactly been blogging that much lately for the sole reason of time being an obstruction. Not many outfit posts lately because school's been keeping me from actually thinking about outfits. Well, not entirely, I guess only to the point of not feeling it while wearing an outfit. Mehe.

So this post is a little pick me up to why started blogging in the first place. Like... a refresher, if you could call it. Not many outfit posts after this though since I have no idea how I am going to take photos. Then again, let's start with the first thing I'm looking forward to this year:

1. My Internship

               I'm heading into my senior year of college this year and this internship will really help me out in becoming a good media practitioner. In the company I'm interning in, I get to write, film, and cover events. Pretty much what I may expect my future career will be. In this case though, the future isn't that far away now.

2. How to Train Your Dragon 2

                   The gang is back. Hiccup is back. His mom? Also back! I will forever love the first film as much as I know that I will love the second one. I've been replaying the trailers and looking at fanart and official posters for who knows how many times and I can't help but keep falling in love with what the plot is, how the characters have grown, and how well I know everything will turn out for everyone.

Bonus? Tons of OTP fanservice! That's right, HICCSTRID, VALSTOICK, and Gobber with his new goofy-looking dragon. Nyahahaha.

3. Maleficent

                   Sleeping Beauty has always been my favorite Disney Princess film. Sadly, it's not because I dreamed about being woken up by my Prince Phillip on day. Well, maybe I fell in love with his wit and all, but who cares?! MALEFICENT IS WHO MADE THE WHOLE THING EPIC.

The best villain by far in the whole Disney world and she'll be played by none other than THE ANGELINA JOLIE. And have you heard Lana Del Rey's version of the classic Once upon a Dream soundtrack? It is divine!


I actually have to cut this post short now. Gomene~  But heck, I may just post a few little snippets again soon and be up and running again. 'Til then. 

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