Pasalubong + Cosmetics Haul


Harro everyone~ It's saddening to say that I'm actually really lazy to pose for the camera and junk these days to do my outfit shots and all. I think all the stress is getting to me. You know, with the school year about to end and all that. But anyway, this post is supposed to spread happiness~ Mehe.

So I have a friend who went to her Production, Factory, or whatever tour in Manila just last week and she didn't exactly come back home empty-handed. She is very giving. VERY. GIVING. I didn't think she'd get me this much stuff especially since their just pasalubong (Filipino term for souvenirs). She even chatted with me through Facebook that she "bought me much. Maybe even too much."  

I couldn't even look at her straight when I was getting the stuff because I felt really bad. Luckily, I know what to get her during my own trip to Manila. Which will be happening soon. Mehe.

This was where the Etude goodies were packaged. I have to say, it is adorable. However I feel the need to say that it's too much of a hassle to maintain the thing. I'm not saying that I'm mad or upset that my friend gave it to me all crumpled up. It was a given, to say the most. But what I'm saying is that they can still keep their packaging methods, on the other hand, still make sure that it stays in its usual adorable and sweet self.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit. I've never been that much of a wiz on makeup. When my mom tells me to make myself look pretty for parties or other formal occasions, I usually just apply powder/foundation, eyeliner, blush, then lip balm with lipstick. Done. But that doesn't exactly mean that I don't have a specific interest on makeup, far from it.

Truth be told, BB cream fascinates me. I've seen a handful of bloggers that use it and I can't help but move my hands along with theirs while reading instructions on how to use it. This might just be a sign saying that I should pay more attention to pretty-ing up my face. Mehe. The only setback I think I have is that my face isn't that used to a bunch of stuff. So I might take it slow and just apply every other day first before heading to the everyday basis. Nyaha.

Etude House Jojoba Seed Hair Pack + Hair Serum. My hair has both been my strength and weakness. Some hair stylists have commented that they like how thick it is and that it's easy to style in the end. However, they have no idea how bipolar my hair is to begin with. I don't want to delve into the topic as much as I already did. Mehe.

I actually cannot wait to use this. I've read a few reviews on it and all they said were positive mentions. I hope to get positive results from when I use it too. Nyaha.

My friend bought that much to get me a Membership Card and
free hair tie <//////3 

Tony Moly Crystal Blusher. Funny how the friend who bout me the stuff from the first product to this is named Krista. Mehe. Tony Moly is a brand that me and my older sister have been raving on about for a long while now. We love how the prices aren't that, well, pricey, and how it does its job a good cosmetics brand. 

Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush-On. The first person to use this was my little sister. My older sister is a sucker for makeup, and after applying this baby on my lil sis' cheeks, she commented on how well it popped. Well, mostly because her skin is the fairest out of the three of us, but meh. Nyaha.

IN2IT Waterproof Eyeliner Pen. Eyeliner is a must. Especially since I plan on going into cosplay soon. I couldn't take a photo of this baby uncapped because it slipped my mind and now I'm too lazy to photograph it because it's night time right now. Mehe. But anyway, using this little thing is fun. I don't know how else to describe it. It's just... FUN.

'Twas really lucky of me to be able to find a decent container for all these children. So pink, right? Naaah, I'm pretty sure that my makeup collection will increase in size soon so I think I should invest on good containers. Maybe those with little Rilakummas on them? We'll see~

I feel bad saying that all the makeup in this post were just given to me. My close friends are that nice and I feel that I have to look down every time I see them because my eyes aren't worthy of their magnificence or something. But anyway, I should start buying my own cosmetics now. My current face powder is about to run flat like my chest and the mirror detached itself from it. It's giving up on me and now I need a new Fashion21 face powder. I think I can plow into my wallet/bank account for a few moolah on that. Yeahp, my cosmetic adventure is just beginning. Nyaha~

OH!  Funny trivia! The white surface that I placed my cosmetics on for photo-ops? I't sactually the skirt of my sister's prom dress from her Senior year of. Haha!

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