hi everyone! :)  so i't been around three or four months since i've had my phone and it's been quite efficient. :3  i own a Nokia 6703i.  i'm not that fond of touch screen phones nor do i admire Qwerty phones that much.  i look for efficiency and compactness. XD

i've pretty much had a bunch of photos archived in my PC from my phone, so i guess i'll be sharing it with you guys. :3  just  few of the most memorable ones though. :p
PUPPIES!! XD  haha, my family's dog gave birth to five last year. =))
they're all grown up now. :pp

me and my classmates registered to vote. :3  we felt proud of ourselves. XD
a best friend's 18th birthday. :)  i was lucky enough to
be able to borrow a skirt from a fourth year Comm student. :')
Ailee's live stream event! :D  she's gorgeous!. :I
getting ready for AtFest's Designer's Night. :3  i was
one of the models and was able to wear two dresses.
XD  that's Margaux's PSVITA by the way. :))

Cosplay for a Cause! :D  this was also taken during AtFest. XD  i cosplayed
as Saya of Blood+.  here i am with Margaux as Baby Doll of Sucker Punch. ;))
twisting thingy ride with demmi! XD  luckily i didn't
throw up in the end. @@
me and my classmate's were (and are still) hooked on David Guetta's
Titanium.  i drew this while they were harmonizing. XD
this was when i was on my way to a classmate's
house.  we had an overnight to be able to edit our videos.
@@  we didn't sleep at all, well, most of us.
proof of no sleep.
this was when i had my layers cut. XD  the most
recent one i have to say. :)
i really don't know how to end this post. :))  umm, i guess i'll say that i'll be posting more of stuff like this soom?  yeah, that's it. :PP :DDD

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