I Cried, like, Seriously


long time no blog. :))

so i guess it's no surprise to everyone that i am in love with Anime. =))  very recently, i watched the Latest episode of Fairy Tail and one scene reeeeeeeeally had me in tears.  i read it in Manga form, but heck, watching it in animated form really made a huge difference on it's quality!  i've talked about this with someone before that no matter how corny a script is, it will never be that way with Anime. :'D

"For... their friends... Seven years... All that time... They were waitin' for us... No matter how painful it was... No matter how sad... Even if people made fun of 'em... they held on... They held on... They protected the guild... for their friends... And now we're gonna show everyone... the proof that Fairy Tail's been walking on all this time! So keep on goin'!
so anyway, that will be all. =))  here's a little something to end my post. XD

nyaha. :3  'twas modelling for Designer's Night in a dress by Frederico Rodriguez
kyaa~ i iz a Saya and cosplayer! XD

think i'd make a good Rogue Cheney (Fairy Tail)? :3

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