WISHLIST: Pastel Combat Boots


i'm back! :D  haha. XD  so anyway, what better way to get another post started than with another selfish desire. :))  now moving on... :PPP

PASTEL COMBAT BOOTS BABY!!! XD  i know, weird right.  but let me explain why i suddenly fell in love with these babies. :9  

i bet everyone might have already heard about the rise of pastel colors in the fashion worlds. :)  furthermore, i bet it would be hard to not fall in love with the trend itself. :D  i, personally,  wanted to wear some pieces that were inspired by the colors.  but alas, my finances couldn't cut it. XD

last week, i was able to repair my old khaki, bell-bottomed jeans and turned it into a pair of skinny jeans.  i'm not bluffing, this is some serious chizz. >:D  afterwards, i had no idea what to wear it with. @@  that posed as a problem. 
= ="

and what better way to solve a problem than Google-ing! =))  so i search and came up with this image: 

i felt that it was a doable look, except for one thing: the boots. > <  the following week i went to the ukay-ukay, apparently, i had no luck. ;-;

i later find out, through the internet, that these boots started to become a rend by a brand called Dr. Martens.  i visited their site and to my expectation, these babies were sold out and would have cost around $130. ;-;  i iz a sad berna. :[

still, i better keep looking na lang. =))  i bet i'll be able to bleach other boots into the color that i desire. =)) *fingers crossed

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