Flush of Thoughts: Naruto Gaiden Chapter 6 Reaction and Speculations



I have to make a mental note to myself to make sure that my fandoms don't get the better of me. However, I also have to make a note saying that there are exemptions. Naruto Gaiden, for example, is one of them.

Naruto Gaiden is manga series is a spinoff and also an after-story to the very recently ended Naruto series. Accordingly, the series will only take up to 30 chapters in order to provide a sense of continuity to the upcoming Boruto: The Movie. The whole series focuses on the not only the characters that we know and love from the original series, but they're children. Especially, Sarada Uchiha.

She's the very beautiful offspring of two very beautiful people that I have been loving for almost nine or 10 years now. Don't judge me. Hahaha. She has pretty much become my favorite character in this series because of her sharp tongue and being able to ask the important questions:

1. What's a shinobi, anyway?
2. Who's my real mom?
3. Why is Papa always not around? Need I expound more?

I  don't need to expound more since I know that you might have already read the previous chapters. Let's go to Chapter 6.

We always go to the usual cliche of how protagonists battle against a strong opponent and end up being stronger, it's the journey to getting stronger that we fall for.

In this series, however, we have the exact moment that all my fellow fans are after, Sasuke, being a dad, to his daughter at her time of need. If you think about it, it seems parallel to his genin self when he protected Naruto from being pierced by Haku's needles. 

And here be the queen. I cannot describe in words how I felt when I went to this page. I was literally trying to stifle my shrieks because my mother was putting my baby brother to sleep. I actually played Candy Crush on Facebook to wait for the pages to load. And, well, I wanted to pump up for the suspense.

I have a feeling that Sasuke and Sarada will become very close in the next chapters. I mean, the woman that they love the most was practically captured. And since Sarada went this far to follow Naruto, the Seventh Hokage, to see her dad, well, she's just gonna be really hard to get rid of from the journey. I know Chou Chou won't leave so easily.


Let me just point out that Sakura shone in this chapter. She basically was the embodiment of her former master and more. She crushed it here, literally and figuratively speaking. However, as with the last page of Chapter 6, we see that she is conflicted with whether she should help in the transplant or not. I vote that she will help. It's in her blood to help people as for being a medic. 

What are your speculations? I'd love to hera them! Feel free to comment your speculations or just share the love for the series. Or SasuSaku. Take that antis!

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