Naruto 627: Sasuke's Answer [Warning: Contains Spoilers!]


Kishi-san has had a lot fun trolling with his readers these past few chapters, i think i speak for everyone when i say that the flashbacks have made the manga quite monotonous.  but then he comes back with a very surprising, but much wanted, comeback with his latest chapter! XD

i'll be seeing a lot of versions of this in deviantART pretty soon. >:3
so the chapter begins from where it left off.  that is, after the 1st Hokage had concluded his story-telling session.  everyone knew what had to come next, Sasuke's final choice.  and damn, did he make a very good one. >:3  after A LOT of self-contemplation, and a lot of flashbacks in only one panel, he finally came to a decision to HELP KONOHA WIN AGAINST MADARA. >:D =))  it's been mentioned that his brother had shared the same sentiments with the first Hokage. :3

the bonus?  the first four Kages will be fighting alongside him, along with Juugo and Karin (never did like her).  XD  the cool thing of it all is how they all have their own reasons to fight.  i personally admire Minato's, or the Yondaime's. :3

i didn't want to post any other pages because that would be a sin to all those who haven't read the chapter yet.  so instead, i decided to just use the pages which i thought were the highlight of the chapter. XD

hopefully next week's chapter will cover up what's been going on with the other Kages. :/  i also hope that they'd have a colored page, not the fan-made ones, but the kind that are made by Kishi-san. :3  like this one:

to end this post, i'd like to share with you all my favorite panel. :3  NO, I AM NOT A FAN OF SASUKARIN, AND NEVER WILL BE.  i just thought that his face here was really priceless, as if in his mind he was saying, "Try not to stab her again... Try not to stab her again..." >:))  i really hope that my OTP really will come true in this manga though. ;-;  


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