NARUTO 601 [Warning: Contains Spoilers]


so in this chapter, Obito and Madara show that they've always been in with the whole "plan" thing together from the beginning.  no surprise there. @@  furthermore, it seemed like there was more to the story than meets the eye.

in other news, we see what happens to the Kages after Madara had played his game with them. ;-;  they're all bloody and gashed and unable to fight anymore. > <

i mean, you can totally see blood gushing out of the Raikages's mouth as if it was a waterfall. @@

in a few moments, Tsuande id then able to show movements and was able to summon her slug, Katsuyu.  

Katsuyu was about to heal her but Tsuaned cut the slug mid-sentence and wanted to heal the other Kages instead.  she be Bad-ass here. >:3  FEMINISM ALL THE WAY! XD  although, i think i speak for everyone that i REEEEEEEALLY want to see her original 50+ year old face. XD  original concepts just don't cut it. >:D<

by the way,what do you guys think of Madara's weapon? =))  isn't it FABULOUS? XD

here's a tip, it's a GIANT FAN. XD

and what better way to end the chapter with ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER! >:D<  P.S. i'm being sarcastic. 

screenshots from Mangastream

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