OH HELL NO! [Warning: Contains Naruto 599 Spoilers]


i just finished reading the latest chapter of Naruto and let me say this... NO. FREAKING. WAY.

TOBI is effing OBITO!  
the answer to his identity was completely under everyone's noses!

i should've seen this coming!  everyone always thought that it would be Madara under that mask but nooooooooooooo! (then again, i have to admit that the whole change in the plot was really awesome, but far-fetched)  he had to freakin' show up from Kabuto's resurrecting justu or something.  what the heck?! 

Masashi Kishimoto was definitely trolling with his fans, that' the first thing that popped into my head.  starting off the chapter with a flashback and a love triangle and a confused little boy who was super in love with his team mate.  arrrrrrrrrgh! *starts pulling hair off head

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